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what is BIM ?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a virtual design and construction methodology that integrates inputs from all stakeholders involved in a project and provides a comprehensive 3D model, for an optimal construction in line with design goals, before it actually goes to the Ground.

Benefits of designing with BIM


Informed Decision Making

Area Analysis

Coordination with Structures, MEP

Clash Detection


On-Site Checking

GFC ‘s

3D + TIME = 4D + COST = 5D

Linked with Construction Scheduling

Sequencing using Prima-vera, MS-Projects  & NavisWorks

Production Control

Project Management

Cost Planning

Cash Flow Management

Resource Allocation

Cost Estimation

Using softwares like VICO

Change in Project

reflects in Schedule

and Budget

why BIM ?

  • Efficient, better & faster methodology for Design​

  • Single Database for the Entire Project

  • Information Rich & Error Free Model

  • Better Visualization

  • Clash Detection before construction

  • Completely Coordinated Design between services - Architecture, Structures & MEP

  • Reduction in Project Time and Cost

  • Accurate BOQ generation from same database

  • Accurate generation of construction documentations ( GFC's ) from model

  • Change in project reflects in Schedule & Budget

  • Stakeholders can make more informed decisions faster.

  • No RFA’s    No errors  No clashes on Site

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